Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blog Post worth sharing

This morning I read this Lysa Terkeurst Blog Post and it really resonated with me.  Although I don't think Autumn has ever sent my coffee flying into the air, I have experienced more than one public meltdown with her (and I'm sure Olivia has a few coming my way). 

I think Lysa made a great point in this post about how our children need to be parented.  They need guidance.  They need to know right from wrong. 

Autumn is at the age where this is very evident and something that we work on every single day.  Finding the right way to discipline your child seems to be a process of trial and error, but one that is necessary.  Time outs generally work well with Autumn, as does counting to 3 with a time out or spanking warning coming if we get to 3.  I know each child is different and we will probably have to learn the right way to discipline Olivia, as it may be different than what we're doing now with Autumn.  In short, our girls need to be told "no" from time to time in order to learn certain lessons that they won't learn if we just give in to them all of the time.

My hopes are that the measures Andrew and I take now to guide and parent our girls will help them to become graceful, intelligent, and mature young women someday.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Olivia at 5 Months

I cannot believe how quickly time is flying.  Olivia is already 5 1/2 months, so naturally I am just now doing her 5 month update.  At least I took pictures on time this month.
  • I will update her length, weight and head measurements after her 6 month check up.
  • Diapers - still a size 2, although I have switched our next order (May shipment) to a size 3.
  • Clothes - 3-6 months with some 6-9 and 6-12 months mixed in
  • Developments - Olivia still does not like tummy time most of the time.  She will easily roll from her back to her front, but still won't roll from front to back.  We're working on it.  She does like to be on her back and she generally likes her activity center, unless I leave her in there for too long while I'm cleaning house or making dinner.
  • School - Olivia is still at school 3 days a week and at home with Mimi 2 days a week.  Her teachers say she is a happy baby, but when she is hungry she sure lets you know it.
  • Food - This girl loves to eat!  We started her on solid food (stage 1 fruits and veggies and rice cereal) the weekend that she turned 5 months (Easter weekend).  I expected to slowly transition from one meal a day to two and then to three meals a day over the course of this month.  Olivia had other plans.  She loves every single food we give her and she wants more of it.  She is currently eating 1/2 tub of a fruit or veggie twice during the day along with rice cereal.  In the evening I feed her another 1/2 tub of a fruit or veggie.  Sometimes she takes that feeding very well other times she's not quite as interested.  She is taking less milk at bedtime, but she still drinks a lot during the day.  I am having a tough time keeping up with her.  I currently only have about 10 oz. in the freezer and only enough in the fridge for 1/2 a days worth of bottles.  I've cut back on my alcohol consumption, so I don't have to dump as much milk and I've tried to pump 4 times at work when I can.  I'm hoping her milk needs will decrease a little as she starts to take in more solids.  I really want to avoid formula since we've made it this far without using any.  I might be doing some nighttime pumping sessions to stash away some milk in the freezer. (Ugh!)
  • Sleep - Olivia sleeps great.  She still sleeps 10-12 hours every night.  Lately she wakes up sometime during the night to play.  I usually hear her cooing and talking and I go in and give her a pacifier and turn her mobile on.  I usually don't hear another peep from her until the morning.  She's also been going to bed earlier lately (around 7pm) and then waking up an hour or two later for a quick nursing session and a little socialization before she's back down for the night.  She doesn't really seem hungry during these times, so I may try the same technique I do when she wakes up in the middle of the night talking.
  • Bath - Olivia discovered splashing.  She loves to kick her legs, both of them at the same time, and splash.  She loves our reaction when she does this.  I try to bathe Autumn and Olivia together when I can.  It saves time and gives them some bonding as well.  I keep Olivia in her little baby tub and put that in the big tub with Autumn in it.  It usually works out well.
Baby O, you are such a joy in our lives.  Daddy and I constantly agree that we are so blessed that you are a happy and healthy (and of course beautiful) baby girl.  You are such an "easy" baby, which is a blessing to us.  You have such an easy going and sweet temperament.  I am excited to see your personality develop as you continue to grow.

Baby O is getting bigger!

Playing with her mermaid

Trying to sit up without falling over

"Are we done yet Mommy?"

Of course Autumn had to have some pictures of her and her baby "Derella".

I had a hard time getting a good pic of the two of them this month.

In other news this weekend we're heading to La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa on Lake Conroe for the Corvair HOT event.  My Dad is very active in the Houston Corvair Club.  What is a Corvair you ask?  Oh, it's just a make of cars that was built by Chevrolet in the 1960's that Ralph Nader deemed "Unsafe at any speed."  Believe it or not that was a question on "Who wants to be a millionaire?" once.  I would have won!  My Grandpa that passed away when I was 15 left my dad his 1963 Corvair Monza and it started a hobby for my Dad that he has greatly enjoyed.  I enjoyed driving the cute little car quite a bit when I was in high school.  I even helped install the seat belts in the back seat.  My Dad now has two Corvairs (one for each my brother and I as our inheritance). 

Mimi and her girls in Grandpa's Corvair. 
Apparently, Autumn kept saying "let's go!"
Anyways, there are a lot of fun things for the girls to do at the resort, mainly swimming/water play and putt putt.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'll post updates from our fun weekend sometime next week.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend Fun

We had a busy Easter weekend with 3 separate celebrations. 

The celebrations started on Friday night with dinner with my parents, Andrew, Kasey, Mia, Grandma T and PapPap.  Autumn and Olivia were very spoiled by Mimi (and Grandpa) and we had TONS of leftover food.  I have the cutest video of Autumn putting on a performance for us.  She sang princess songs in her Belle dress.  She was so animated.  Sadly, I can't seem to upload it.  Maybe I'll try again later.

Autumn in her silly Easter Egg glasses.

Autumn got a Belle dress, shoes and headband from Mimi and Grandpa.
Spoiled much, princess?
Saturday night we celebrated with Grandma, Nana, Tio, Tia and the twins.  We had a yummy dinner and the girls were spoiled a little bit more.  I forgot to get out my camera.  If anyone else has some pics, please send them my way.  Tia gave me (I mean Olivia) the coolest present. A teething necklace for me to wear that Olivia can safely chew on.  Sadly it has gone missing.  I am alternating blame between Autumn and Cooper.

Sunday morning started off right with my first cup of coffee in over 40 days.  I am so glad to have caffeine back in my life.  Now my challenge is to avoid diet sodas forever and just stick to my morning coffee and the occasional afternoon coffee or tea. 

After my very important coffee we went to early service at church and then headed to Sarah and Rob's house for brunch and Easter egg hunting.  Autumn had a blast playing with Lilly and hunting Easter eggs.  With all of the kiddos, food, mimosas, eggs and presents it was chaotic at times, but so much fun.  Oh and the potluck brunch was yummy too!  I have more pictures from Sunday than the other days, because Uncle Matt joined us and he did a great job helping me take pictures.  We were so glad to have Uncle Matt celebrate Easter with us.

Baby O hanging on for dear life.

James and Autumn finding some eggs.

Lilah and her Tita finding some eggs.

Ryan and his cool tie.

Tia and Liliana stopping the egg search to pose for a pic.

Mimi and Autumn counting eggs (they were only allowed 10 eggs each).

"Nobody better take my eggs!"

Can you believe Daddy let Olivia lick a skittle?

What is that in Lili's mouth?

"I don't want no stinkin bunny!"

"Ok, maybe I do want the bunny"

"Yum, this tag tastes good."

Lili is more interested in the egg than the bunny.

"I make it rain Papa!"

Autumn and Mommy cheesing.

Daddy and O doing what they do best.

Lili looks just about tuckered out from the exciting afternoon.

I love this picture.  I just wish the lighting had been a bit better.

James finding a new use for his build-a-bear house.

Baby O chilling.

Autumn trying on Uncle Matt's boots.
Cowgirl up!