Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Update in Pictures

I have not updated this blog in ages!!  We have been swamped with life lately.  Here is a quick update on the last month or so in pictures.

Autumn eating her first Crave cupcake.
Autumn climbing on a crocodile.
Autumn being eaten by a crocodile.
Silly Allison!
More silly Aunt Alli.
Nothing quite like a paci to round out a wedding photo.
Olivia loves trying on Mommy's shoes.
Grammy and A and O.
Papa and Grammy
Lilly and Ryan all dressed up.
Lilly and Lili.
Autumn only eats the creme filling of the lemon Oreos.
Milo learning to behave.
Olivia pretending to be Milo.
These girls love Milo and his bed.
Daddy's Day.
Movie Star in the making.
Oh Baby O, you are too cute!
Autumn's first tea room experience.
Autumn's first musical.
Autumn and Mimi.
Before the show.
Autumn and Mommy.
Mimi's birthday at the girls favorite restaurant.
Mommy and Milo.
Firework fire broke out near by.
Baby O and Mommy.
This girl loves her some ribs.
Sweet Baby O.
All the cousins!
Grandparents and their grandkiddos.
Tio and Tia and the L's.
Family Pic.
Silly Andrew (wonder where he and Allison get this from)