Tuesday, February 26, 2013


There's not much going on lately.  Andrew is in the midst of busy season, so he is pretty much gone Monday through Friday and then we get to catch up with him some on the weekends.  I'm not gonna lie being a single parent would be VERY VERY hard.  I get a glimpse of that life for a few weeks every spring and again in the fall and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  Anyways, here's a little catch up on the past few weeks:

Autumn had a dentist appointment last week.  She did great.  The dentist said her teeth looked good and we're to come back in 6 months for a cleaning and x-rays.  After her appointment she got a pink balloon.  As she was getting in the car she let go of it and it was gone.  She said losing the balloon "make me so sad".  I think that was the first she's expressed feeling sad to me.

Go Texan Day was last Friday.  Autumn wore PINK cowgirl boots.  Too stinkin cute!  Next year we're going to get her a hat.

I also got to watch the trail ride on my way into work.  I LOVE being a Texan and a native Houstonian.  It is so fun to enjoy this time of year and celebrate our great city and state.  I can't wait to take the girls to the Rodeo carnival in a week or two.  I know Autumn will love it.

Of course as soon as I pulled into the parking lot at work I got a call from Andrew.  He had blown a tire.  I had to go get him and take him downtown.  Didn't get into work until 11am.  What a way to start the day.

I've been trying to work with Olivia on tummy time.  She hasn't rolled over yet, which isn't really a big concern, but she won't roll over unless she practices spending time on her tummy, so Tummy Time it is.  She is doing great at holding up her head and shoulders.  She does pretty well for a few minutes and then she gets tired and fussy. 

She's also been sitting up in her bumbo some too.  She loves to look around and she actually really likes watching TV.  Bad habits start early, huh?

I'm still ONLY drinking water for lent.  I cheated once, on Sunday, with a margarita.  Other than that I have done really well.  No coffee, no tea, no diet soda.  I am looking forward to Easter Sunday.  Planning to drink a big cup of coffee (or two) at church and a mimosa at brunch.

I am also doing the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge right now.  I have tried My Fit Foods several times for lunch meals in the past, but I wanted to do something to help me shed these last few pounds of baby weight.  The food has been pretty good and I've lost about 3-4lbs.  I still have 1 week to go and am hoping to drop another 3-4 pounds before the 21 days is up.  I won't be down to my goal weight, but I should be pretty close.  I think my biggest take away from this challenge will be training myself on eating more frequently throughout the day and eating healthier snacks.  I am looking forward to cooking again soon though.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Extreme iPhone Dump

So, I finally uploaded all of my iPhone pictures from the past five months or so.  I'm "dumping" all of my favorites on the blog.  Sorry for the massive amount of photos or for the repetition of ones you may have already seen on Facebook.  I just wanted to save these here to remember some of the last few months.


Me and my good friend Laura before babies. 
Laura gave birth to Heidi a few weeks after I gave birth to Olivia.

Autumn's painted face at the Sugar Land Baptist Fall Festival.

Mimi and Autumn at the petting zoo at the Fall Festival.

Love this one of Papa and Autumn trick or treating at one of the local churches.

Proud Daddy.

Cake Pops in honor of Baby O.

Autumn donning Lilly's Dorothy wig.  She looks like a doll!

Mommy and Baby O getting to know each other.

Mommy and Olivia getting ready to head home.

All tuckered out from watching the Texans.

All tuckered out from doing . . . nothing.

Practicing saying "cheese."

Pops and Olivia.

Cousin Landry and Autumn.  Autumn looks sooo grown up here.

Mommy and Baby Bennett at Noel's wedding reception.

Flower Girl Autumn was completely worn out.

Aunt Alli meeting Baby O.

Lilly looking adorable.

Autumn and Mommy celebrating Mommy's big 3-0!

This little girl is so fun.

Baby O meeting Uncle Sam. 
Scratch that, this is one of the twins meeting Uncle Sam - it was a dark photo.

Autumn chilling at the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot.

Pops, Andrew and two little turkeys.

Getting ready for the Renaissance Festival.

Llama llama

She sat so still for the face painting.

and she's out.

"do dat Mommy, do dat" - Autumn wanted to go ice skating.

Celebrating my best friend Christel's big 3-0 Mexican style.

Pops and Lilah

Aunt Manda babysitting Lili and Lilah. Lili was all smiles.

Sweet baby O.

Olivia and Lilah chilling in the boppy.

Olivia checking out her ear.

Autumn tackling or kissing Olivia, not sure which.

Don't tell Andrew I posted this one. 
I think his face was in response to something Autumn was doing or about to do.

Papa and his girls.

I think this one showcases the girls' personalities:
Autumn being silly, Lili being chill, Olivia being sweet and Lilah being a drama queen. 

The whole fam (less Allison and Sam of course)

The Walker Families, yes all of our girls are matching.

Sweet Baby O

I have a lot of pictures like these
of Daddy passed out on the couch with Olivia

That baby is NOT happy.

That's better.

Mommy and Baby O at the Zoo Lights.

The Zoo Lights are a new Christmas tradition for us.

Autumn loved the Zoo Lights.

Deloitte Christmas Party at the Museum of Natural Science.

This little girl knows how to open Netflix
and pick out a show to watch on Mimi's iPhone.

Adorable!  Need I say more?

Autumn at her school Christmas party.

Baby O chillaxing on Mommy and Daddy's bed.

A little bedtime reading with Papa.

On to the real bedtime story.

Hanging out with Lilly, watching princesses of course!

Eating gummi bears and potty training at midnight.

Mommy's Little Sunshine.

Autumn pretending to pump milk for her baby doll.

Baby O is all smiles.

Funny face!

We found a new really cool park with slides built into hills.

I'm not sure who liked the new park more, Autumn or Daddy.

Cake pops for Uncle Andrew's birthday!

Cake Pop Baby O?

Mommy and her sick little girl.

Autumn felt better and dressed up like "Derella".

"be right back Mommy." 
Apparently she learned this phrase from me.

And the sick little girl is out!

Happy baby.

Saint Arnold's MS 150 info meeting. 
Yes, we took a baby, not just to a bar, but to a brewery. 
We're awesome parents.

Andrew spending some time with Pops.

My two big girls.

Pops enjoying happy hour.

Daddy and Baby O intently watching TV.


Papa and sweet Baby O.


Playing with Mommy.

All smiles.

Intently watching Sofia the First.

Oh O, you're just too cute.

Funny face.

Learning how to climb at Chick-fil-A.

Big girl got her ears pierced.  You can hardly tell she cried, right?

Cake pops make everything better.

Baby girl got her ears pierced too.

Trying out the Walker Brothers Meconium Stout,
not too bad for a beer named after baby poop.

Cooper doing what he does best.

My last beer before Lent.

Valentine's cookies for Autumn's classmates.

Sweet Valentines.

My sleeping beauty. 
This is why it is hard for me to get into work on time. 
I just want to stay and watch her forever.

My sweet Valentine.