Thursday, September 5, 2013

Overdue Update

It has been way too long since I've posted an update on our girls. They are growing like weeds!

Olivia is 10 months now. I don't think I did her 8 or 9 month update.  She started  crawling while we were on vacation in California in late June (almost 8 months).  She also got two bottom teeth around the same time.  She crawls (crank crawl like big sister did) and pulls up all over the place. She will "walk" some with rolling push toys. She loves to smile and laugh and eat. 

She LOVES stuffed animals. She has a favorite bunny that she loves to stroke the ears on. She lights up when she sees me grab it at night time.  I think it is interesting that I can already see personality differences in the girls. Autumn was never very into stuffed animals, but oh does she love her baby dolls. 

Olivia continues to have a great appetite and is pretty much eating all table food at this point.  I don't think I've come across anything she doesn't like. 

 I also think Olivia is going to be my sensitive child.  She's always showed signs of empathy; crying when big sister cries.  Lately though I've noticed other signs that she is sensitive.  She bit me while nursing and I firmly told her "No ma'am!" to which she responded with a huge pout and big tears! I'm pretty sure Autumn just laughed when she bit me and I scolded her. The other night Olivia bit me again and I scolded her again then she refused to nurse. I had to pump and then feed her a bottle.  I'm hoping we can get these nursing issues resolved quickly, so we can enjoy the last two months of nursing before she is weaned.

Autumn is a pill! She has so much personality and she is oh so girly! All princess I'm telling ya!

Some of my favorite things I've seen her do lately are bossing people around. When she is in a room full of adults she will realize all eyes are on her and then she shows off and then tells us what to do.  One night this week my grandparents were over for dinner. She started singing Disney songs and then she told us to all hold hands and sing with her. Then when we were done singing a song she would say "Amen!"

Autumn is also becoming a real Daddy's girl. I love it! She asks for Andrew at night and when she is mad at me. She is starting to guilt him about working late (which means I don't have to!)

Autumn ran her first race a few weekends ago.  It was a 1k and she came in dead last, but she was so cute doing it. She had the whole crowd cheering her on!

Not much else going on here lately, just lots of fun moments with my two beauties!  Let the iPhone photo dump ensue!!